02 July 2012


Dictionary.com asks, "did you mean 'unsapient?'" Well, no.

A search of many online dictionaries yields nothing, so far. For sapient, Google says:  Adjective: Wise, or attempting to appear wise. Noun: A human of the species homo sapiens.

So, why did I make a note of this word? Sometimes I wish my habits were better as regards such things. I didn't include the source, just the word, all by itself. It was printed somewhere, part of something, meant for a very specific purpose by some writer who, whether skillfully or not, intended to impart a meaning. 

Based on a search using the Fweet tool, it's not one of the words in Finnegans Wake.

It's interesting, anyway.


  1. Omnisapient is a useful word for those, like myself, who (technically speaking) do not believe that God is omniscient (all-knowing) but rather all-wise--the reason being that God is nothing if not wise, and perfect knowledge casts out wisdom.

    1. I believe it's perfect love casts our fear.

  2. How does perfect knowledge cast out wisdom?
    At any rate with God, that statement is moot for believers in His holy Word which has multiple scriptures ( can be Googled, Binged, etc.) which attest to His omniscience.

  3. "Omnisapient" can only be a reference to the God of the Bible. Creator of heaven, earth, animals and people. Saviour and eternal hope for mankind.

    Omnisapient I think would mean "Divinely Human", no?

  4. Omnisapient simply means that God is all wise. You cannot be all all wise without being all kowing as well.