23 February 2009


Will Shortz's New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle is a great favorite at our house. We do the puzzle while we're eating dinner or otherwise sitting around, and sometimes it takes us all week to get it done.

This week's puzzle asked for a six-letter word meaning "cultural instability." From where I pulled anomie I cannot say -- I was thinking that it sounded a lot like ennui but knew it didn't mean the same thing.


Results of a Google search for "define:anomie."

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  1. Eric, I loved this, because the nun who taught me when I was 11 years old used to throw pieces of chalk at us and call us "Lackadaisical Gondoodles!" And here I am posting a comment on the wrong post. Forgive me, and thank you for your comment on the postal service post. I cannot get this blogging right. But you have to say I am a trier. All the best, annie x